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Spatial coverage

Water resources management skill space Gourma covers the eastern part of the country. It is a space made of four (4) sub-basins of the Niger national pool ( Sirba , the Bonsoaga the Dyamougou and Tapoa - Mékrou ) and four (4) sub basins national pool Nakanbé ( Kompienga , Pendjari the Singou and Doudodo ) .
As main features , one can note the following:

Area: 50,238 km2 ( 28,643 km2 of the portion of the Niger Basin National and 21,595 km2 of the National Nakanbé basin)
Population: 1,737,136 inhabitants
Number of dams : 112
Number of boulis : 13
Number of pools : 15
Number of lakes : 03
Number of local water committees ( CLE) : Three ( 03) CLE :

 Diapaga in Tapoa ,
 Baskouré in Kouritenga and
 CLE tail of under the Sirba basin in Yagha , Komondjari and Gnagna

Administrative regions covered by the Management Center: Five ( 05) Regions:

 Eastern (fully the provinces of Gourma, Komandjari, Tapoa , Kompienga and partially Province Gnagna )
 East Central (partially Provinces Boulgou , the Koulpélogho and Kourittenga )
 North Central (partially Provinces Namentenga and Sanmatenga)
 the Central Plateau (partially Province Ganzourgou )
 the Sahel (partially Province Yagha )

Common totally covered : 27


Is hereby established for the benefit of public interest group / water agencies , abbreviated GIP- Agencies water, a special tax called Financial contribution in water abbreviated CFE , on the collection of raw water , changing the water regime and water pollution .

Loi portant institution de la CFE
Décret promulgant la loi sur la CFE
Etat des lieux de la mise en œuvre des dispositions concernant la CFE
Formulaire de déclaration d’activités en matière de prélèvement d’eau brute