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Water resources management skill space Gourma includes significant potential for water resources, wildlife, mining, agro-pastoral and fish. Indeed we note the presence of more than one hundred dams consist of dams, ponds, lakes etc, which enable the development of agrosylvo pastoral activities. The pastoral activity of this area is one of the largest numbers of countries. The development of artisanal gold mining in this space contributes today to the increased demand and accelerating the degradation of water resources. This degradation occurs mainly by river pollution through the use of chemicals (mercury, cyanide...) for the treatment of the ore. This potential has permit developing lucrative activities, human dynamics source in terms of pressure on natural resources including water resources which require the establishment of structures for protection and sustainable preservation. It is therefore appropriate to provide sustainable solutions to water resources management in this space before it reaches a critical situation.
No particular order there is the problematic / following constraints:
Climatic constraints:
They push people and animals in search of water to concentrate or water is temporarily available.
Environmental degradation
Most often, it leads to the degradation of water resources or disappearance of rivers, ponds, ... continued uncontrolled activities of men
Water pollution
The causes are many and now are usually linked to human activities:
the illegal use of chemical fertilizers and other crop treatment products; (Maraîche culture cotton cultivation)
• wild gold mining
• the use of prohibited fishing products

Water-related diseases
The most common are those due to consumption of unsafe water (water ponds, dams, ...) but there are also onchocerciasis and tsete fly.

Is hereby established for the benefit of public interest group / water agencies , abbreviated GIP- Agencies water, a special tax called Financial contribution in water abbreviated CFE , on the collection of raw water , changing the water regime and water pollution .

Loi portant institution de la CFE
Décret promulgant la loi sur la CFE
Etat des lieux de la mise en œuvre des dispositions concernant la CFE
Formulaire de déclaration d’activités en matière de prélèvement d’eau brute