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First ordinary session 2017 of the Board of Directors of AEG

The Gourma Water Agency held the first session of its Board of Directors on April 11, 2017 in Ziniaré. With the exception of one, almost all the advisers and the staff representative were present
The agenda included consideration of the physical and financial balance sheet for 2016 and the review of the annual work program and budget (AWPB) for 2017.
The presentation of the balance sheet shows a physical execution rate of 84%.
As regards the AWPB 2017, several activities are scheduled to adequately address the concerns of the population regarding issues related to the management and preservation of water resources in the Agency’s management space Of the Water of Gourma !
The documents (minutes of the second session of the 2016 Board of Directors, deliberations) were adopted unanimously by the members of the Board of Directors.

As a reminder, the AEG is a Public Interest Group headquartered in Fada N’Gourma. It covers part of the Eastern, Central-Eastern, Central North, Central Plateau and Sahel regions. It is a structure for the implementation of IWRM which is a process requiring the involvement of all actors involved in the management and use of water resources.

Is hereby established for the benefit of public interest group / water agencies , abbreviated GIP- Agencies water, a special tax called Financial contribution in water abbreviated CFE , on the collection of raw water , changing the water regime and water pollution .

Loi portant institution de la CFE
Décret promulgant la loi sur la CFE
Etat des lieux de la mise en œuvre des dispositions concernant la CFE
Formulaire de déclaration d’activités en matière de prélèvement d’eau brute